The Founders

Given the increasing difficulty and multiple stages required as part of the admissions
process to many universities, Graduaid was founded as an academic consultancy firm
that offers strategic advice for every stage of the application process.

Our commitment lies in helping prospective students identify and maximize the
admission to their preferred undergraduate and graduate programs across the world.

Founders of Graduaid

We are a dedicated and dynamic team of individuals who use an experience-based and professional approach to help
prospective students. As the 5 founding members, we take pride in our deeply rooted friendship that started at a very
young age; we were in the same high school graduating class, maintained close contact during our undergraduate
degrees, and travelled together to the United Kingdom for our Masters’.

Our personal attention and care guarantees the highest quality of services for each student. We are fully dedicated in
ensuring our students receive the necessary support and guidance throughout the application process.

Meet the Founders

ameera al - ansari

moved to London in 2010 to
complete her higher education
at the University of Westminster.
She received a Bachelor’s of Arts
in Business and Property, which
allowed her to develop a passion
for real estate. This drove her to
complete a Master’s of Science
in Real Estate Development.
Ameera’s global experience has
provided her with a network of
connections that has allowed her
to understand local and
international property markets.

dana el - ghazal

graduated from Concordia
University Montreal with a
Bachelor’s of Arts in
Communications & Cultural
Studies and later pursued a
Master’s of Arts in Fashion
Journalism at London College
of Fashion. Fascinated by the
world of arts and the power
of branding, Dana is also
passionate about meeting and
collaborating with ambitious
individuals to promote positive
growth within the community.

sara al - fardan

completed her undergraduate
degree at Georgetown University
in Qatar and spent her junior year
at the main campus in Washington
D.C. She graduated with a
Bachelor’s of Science in Culture and
Politics in 2014. Sara continued her
studies at King’s College London in
2016 and received a Master’s of
Science in Leadership and
Development. Her appreciation
of understanding world cultures
gives her a unique perspective in
appreciating both local and
international educational systems.

sara al - misnad

has a Master's in Management
from Imperial College London.
This coupled with her Bachelor's
degree from Georgetown
University's School of Foreign
Service in Qatar gives her a unique
perspective on world affairs. Her
passion for understanding the
political implications of business
decisions has grown her interest in
understanding the inner-workings
of capital markets.

yara darwish

graduated with a Master’s of
Philosophy in Education from
The University of Cambridge in
2016. Her love for human rights
and the apparent lack of human
rights reporting in the region
drove her to study an
undergraduate degree in
Journalism at North-western
University in Qatar. She strives
to be an active member in the
community by participating
in local and international
community and service initiatives.