About Us


Assist students pursuing higher
education by addressing and providing
academic guidance and consultancy
tailored to their individual needs.


Deliver the highest quality of academic advising for all prospective students by maintaining our values of integrity and responsibility.

Our Philosophy

Graduaid was established to deliver quality services to all its students by nurturing an appreciation for
academia and creating an environment that encourages a passion to pursue higher education. We believe
education is the backbone for individual success and we do whatever it takes to make the application process
to universities an enjoyable one. We are passionate about mentoring students and cultivating their future.

We work on a one-on-one level when mentoring and guiding students in order to tailor-make a process that
will hopefully allow each student to achieve their academic goals. We want to provide the necessary guidance
in planning personal educational pathways.

Qatar National Vision 2030

“Education is one of the basic pillars of social progress. The state shall ensure, foster and endeavor to spread it.”
- Permanent Constitution

The principles on which Graduaid was founded are synonymous with those that form the very foundations of
Qatar's National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030). With a particular focus on the first pillar, 'Human Development,'
Graduaid wants to overcome the challenge of oil dependency by helping develop and sustain a
knowledge-based state with individuals who can be competitive on the international stage. Education is a
fundamental factor of development and growth, which is why Graduaid is committed to the continual and
susbstansial investment in human capital by promoting and facilitating access to higher education. With
education, we are able to enrich people’s perceptions of the world, improve quality of lives, promote
entrepreneurship, and raise individual and collective productivity and creativity. An educated population
plays an integral role in securing both economic and social progress for our country and the wider region.